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Map of Courrieres for The main house Almost all the paintings in the main house are monochrome canvases by postwar American artists, big blocks of purple or silver or green, hanging at first glance, incongruously in rooms with ornate stucco ceilings and refined Baroque furnishings. The ground floor includes a billiard room (room 4), hung with deep monochromes by Californian Phil Sims, and a sumptuous Empire Dining Hall (room 8), designed in 1829, with frescoes, a stucco ceiling, Classical columns and, now, two stunning acrylics one black, one silver by David Simpson. On the upper floor, the left-hand wing has been cleared of furniture: one highlight is the Yellow Room (room 18), housing three large-scale works in black, white and yellow by Ford Beckman. The opposite wing retains furnishings from its time as the Panza family home. The most memorable space here is the dining room (room 27), with eight ethereal paintings by David Simpson, a fine sixteenth-century Tuscan table in walnut, and several African and pre-Columbian figurines set on the fifteenth-century Umbrian sideboard.

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Map Of Courrieres

This room, and the drawing room alongside, showcase the Count's remarkable taste for leavening an aristocratic lifestyle with what was, when he started buying it in the 1950s, deeply unfashionable art. The rustici The villa's rustici (outbuildings) house works that are site-specific that is, the artists were invited to Villa Panza and created pieces designed to be seen in their specific location. Many are now owned by the Guggenheim Foundation. Connecting to the villa's upper-floor galleries are rooms showcasing works by Dan Flavin (1933 96), the first artist to work exclusively with artificial light, in the form of fluorescent 3158 LAKE MAGGIORE VARESE tubes. Map of Courrieres 2016.

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