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Cosne-Cours-sur-Loire Location Guide

Starting afresh is frequently symbolized by marked changes in domestic arrangements. Wives left with the matrimonial home must learn to organize it without the help formerly given by their husbands and usually with a great deal less money available. Husbands who leave, unless like Mike they have girlfriends to shelter them, often find themselves returning to parents or starting life in flats and bedsitters with a standard of living they thought they had left behind years ago. In such circumstances it is often brought home to us how much we have come to rely on familiar domestic routines and valued possessions to shape the texture of our daily lives. In this sense, starting again means finding our own solutions to the problems of everyday domestic life and creating our own routines. (Tea or coffee first thing in the morning? Radio Four, Two or Capital? Launderette or washing machine? Surplus money to be spent on books or records or a good night out?)

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