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Map of Corroios for Busy, amiable little riverside terrace restaurant by the marina, a short walk east of the city centre, serving Ticino-inspired cuisine to a relaxed array of Luganesi families. Men s around Fr. 40. Sept May closed Tues. CROSSING THE SWISS? ITALIAN BORDER On the map, the border between Lugano and Como appears an afterthought yet, in truth, this has been an international frontier for five hundred years.

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Map Of Corroios

It represents a profound cleft of culture and history; Lugano has been Swiss since the dukes of Milan lost Ticino to the invading northerners in 1512. Even today, with Switzerland staying out of the European Union, the frontier remains significant. Crossing and recrossing the border can give fascinating insight into what it is, exactly, that makes Lake Como so unequivocally Italian and Lake Lugano so unequivocally Swiss. The city of Lugano is wealthier, certainly, and lacks the remnants of Fascist and post-Fascist urban design on show in Como. Map of Corroios 2016.

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