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Map of cornwall for As we have seen, during the last four years of Herod’s life he was extremely paranoid, and with some justiication. He had already killed two of his sons and military oficers supposedly conspiring with them in BC and, within a few years, would have cause to have another son tried for conspiracy and executed. Consequently, Herod was unlikely to take kindly to any threat to his dynasty. In addition, Richardson suggests that Herod may have been strongly hostile to messianic movements generally. At the same time, Herod clearly believed that the one who had just been born was the actual Messiah. Later, Matthew tells us of how Herod assembled the chief priests and scribes to determine where the Messiah had been born, based on the Hebrew Scriptures, and passed this information on to the Magi, anticipating that they would ind the newborn King of the Jews there Matt. So convinced was Herod that the Messiah had been born that he slaughtered every baby boy in the region of Bethlehem in their irst or second year of life in a desperate attempt to assassinate him v His fear therefore probably relects his belief that the prophesied Messiah would pose a formidable threat to his dynasty. Map of cornwall 2016.

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