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Ma of corf greece for Like Ming, Abraham all at once is startled and dismayed bt also t into a state of awe that leads to a startling sirital breakthrogh At fi rst, the head monk is relctant to admit to his shortcomings He tries to conceal his real intention by claiming that he seeks realization of the dharma instead of ossession of the robe However, Ming recognizes that there is mch to be learned and adots an attitde of hmility and obeisance toward the sixth atriarch Th e term of address he ses, owerfl master xingzhe, can have many meanings At the most basic level, it refers to one zhe who ractices xing as art of a religion Bt it can also sggest an itinerant seeker who is otside the monastery system, since xing indicates walking or traveling Ma of corf greece 2016

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