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Map of Coolaroo for On the other hand, most societies based on collective ownership do also admit private ownership, at least in personal consumption. Thieves stealing goods from other people were prosecuted under a collectivist SOVIET UNION regime not less strictly than under a regime based on private ownership. Hence, the real debate between advocates of private ownership and advocates of socialism is limited to an argument about whether productive resources should be owned privately or collectively. Efficient execution of collective ownership requires a high degree of altruism of co-owners toward each other or a well-functioning system of bureaucratic execution, or both. But while altruism is quite efficient within a family (or, more generally, within a well-defined small group of people repeatedly interacting with each other), it becomes quite inefficient when extended to the marketplace. There is no alternative to bureaucratic execution of collective ownership over some public goods, such as national defense, but the bureaucracy becomes progressively ineffective when it attempts to expand the sphere of its control over a large and complex economy. Most countries that have achieved sustained economic progress and high standards of living of population have done so based on private, not collective ownership of most productive resources. Map of Coolaroo 2016.

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