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Dry-cleaning preparations and other chemicals used in cleaning clothing, and disinfectants with creosote, such as Ly-sol, can be toxic to the dog’s intestinal system.

Golf balls can be fatal as the liquid center contains a substance that can be explosive as well as toxic.

Emergency Treatment: Follow the emergency instructions on the bottle or can and get the animal immediately to a veterinarian.

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If a child is born at twenty-four or twenty-six weeks after conception, however, the child might stay in the hospital for an extended period of time. His or her parents must consider whether the child will survive and whether long-term problems will develop. They also face the ongoing Parents of premature children are advised to interact with them and take over as much of their children’s care as possible in the hospital. Adjustment to Parenthood stress of dealing with hospital and medical personnel and the changing medical status of their child. Further, when the child comes home, they may need to make changes to address their child’s special needs.

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