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Map of Cinto Euganeo on The questions do not end here, however, because one must specify what exactly is supposed to be equal. Should it be money incomes, or physical quantities of things, or should it be happiness? Democracy literally means government by the people. What this definition practically implies is less than clear. Does it mean that decisions require unanimity, majority, or plurality? What, if any, are the limits of democratic power? Who are the people? Must they be males, adults, Caucasians, property owners, literate, and citizens? Since the collapse of eastern European communism in 1989, various forms of liberal democratic capitalism have become the predominant mode of economic and political organization.

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Map Of Cinto Euganeo

This is often referred to as democracy. Since liberalism restrains the power of governments to interfere with individual liberties, and capitalism requires stable, secure property rights, this usage suggests that when people say democracy, they are thinking of a form that is restricted by a constitution. While liberalism in the classical sense is historically closely connected to capitalism, the compatibil- 266 ethics ity of capitalism and democracy has been more tenuous. Map of Cinto Euganeo 2016.

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