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Map of Cincinnati Tourist on Some historians conclude that the Kuznets-Nathan team played a key role in expanding output during the war. During the last half of his career, Kuznets turned his focus to the nature and causes of historical economic growth and inequality. His work was noted for its relentless quantification, carefully handling each piece of data with the delicate patience of the archeologist, and for broadening the normal scope of economic investigation to include analysis of demographic, political, and institutional factors. Culminating in works such as Modern Economic Growth: Rate, Structure and Spread (1966) and Economic Growth of Nations: Total Output and Production Structure (1971), Kuznets codified a new understanding of the patterns and process of economic growth around the world. He concluded that economic growth requires both technological change and institutional response within each society and that it often initially triggers increasing Kuznets, Simon 469 Simon Kuznets’ work on national income and business cycles led to modern theories about the behavior of consumption. economic inequality (and with it political instability) before it spreads the benefits of progress to all, and inequality subsidesknown as the Kuznets U hypothesis. Another important Kuznet finding was that, contrary to Malthusian pessimism, rising population does not seem to harm economic growth, perhaps because it increases the number of talented individuals and, thus, opportunity for technological advance. Map of Cincinnati Tourist 2016.

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