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Map of Chennai Tourist on He joined the Communist Party in 1952, a move necessary for further professional advancement in a socialist country where the government owned and operated all institutions, and where Party officials ran the government. Gorbachev returned to Stavropol, where he served as first secretary in organizations of increasing importance: from 1958 to 1962 he served in the Stavropol Territory Komsomol (Young Communist League), the leading Party-run youth organization; in 1966 he was on the Stavropol City Communist Party Committee; Gorbachev, Mikhail 351 from 1970 to 1978 he led the Stavropol Territory Communist Party Committee. In 1967, he earned a graduate degree in agronomy. In 1971, he became a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union. The Central Committee was important because its members, several hundred in number, were all leading Party officials who elected the Politburo, a committee of 10-15 men who ran the country. Gorbachev did more than just obtain leadership positions. Through his diligence, engaging manner, and public speaking ability, he gained the attention of Soviet leaders. Map of Chennai Tourist 2016.

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