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Map of chaos for It is clear from Matthew that what impressed the Magi and prompted them to travel to Jerusalem related to what a Star did at or around the time of its heliacal rising. Obviously, therefore, what they saw occurred in the period shortly before dawn, around the time when certain other stars and constellations were heliacally rising. To that extent, what they saw was reminiscent of a horoscopic omen. However, in this case the focus was not on the place of the planets within the zodiacal signs but rather on the behavior of the one particular star that they associated with the Jewish Messiah. What the star did that was so meaningful to the Magi, it did in connection with its own heliacal rising, against the backdrop of the constellations. So the celestial sign was fundamentally non-horoscopic in nature, concerning an astronomical event that coincided with the Messiah’s birth. Normally, the relevance and signiicance of an astronomical natal omen was determined retrospectively, decades after the birthdate. Map of chaos 2016.

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