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SPRING TIME IN CENTRAL PARK Are you ready to go let’s do this well it is possible stand up like a 90s term dad Tuesday afternoon its March 29th 2018 Jes is waiting by the door cuz it’s time to go we’re heading out well can you see oh my gosh fidget of the day like I was saying before we left the apartment we are on our way to a very very exciting meeting in Midtown to meeting we’re meeting with the Tourism Board for travel just got down to midtown or got to go into the meeting now feeling excited not even too nervous. Because it’s more or less just to me, and talking it’s really loud in Midtown. But the meeting is more or less to just meet, and talk, and see if we would be a good fit, and potentially work out some kind of travel trip in the next two months you ready lead the way at 2 p.m. there should be other pier possibly you ready Jess let’s go we just left our meeting it went really really well the two people we met with we’re super nice we really hit it off and, I’m excited.

Map of Central Park Photo Gallery

Because we looked at this uh, I’ll show it right here we looked at this sheet of the locations that we would possibly be going to, and there’s one spot that Jessica saw that it’s it looks like a like a Disney fairytale castle or more you look like one of those like the princesses in a fairy tale you do. Because the lights your haloed with the sunlight or testing out Jessica’s new DSLR, and who is that a shout-out this is Jessica’s happy face that’s your springtime those are elm trees I did not know that I didn’t know that, I’m sorry tell me funny story right here I just doing a photo shoot for magazine here, and we got kicked the park for what oh geez it’s that serious yeah we went into the home trees when guy like came around four different times like you need to leave now like he told us to get out every single time like you can’t, and you didn’t listen should we do that right now jumping plant elm trees yeah I was gonna say though I didn’t finish about the meeting the meeting went really well, and as soon as we find out more information about it we will let everyone know. Because it could be something really really cool for the blog like super different than anything we’ve ever done before it could be something really really cool to share with you guys yeah it’s something that we’re both really excited to share. But until we know information well as soon as we know information we’ll let everyone know, and we’ll have like a big celebration through the blocks. But just kind of walking around the park finding places to take some cool pictures look at that beautiful sunny day. But you know what it’s a deceiving sunny day it’s actually 40-something degrees right now, and my nose is running it has some sitting here talking, and then over here we have photographer Jessica looking at her camera we were taking some pictures over by the sheep’s meadow you have to just say what you just said it come back here you have to say what she just said only if I promise I won’t put in the post, I’ll cut you off right before you say it then what did you just say it wasn’t more or less what you said it was how you said it you said you say what he said we were there, and we were taking pictures, and I asked Jessica, I’m like okay what’s one good thing in photography I do well, and she’s like well you’re really bad at this this, and this, and she couldn’t think of something. So, I’m like okay, and then I said I say no wonder people think that you don’t love me know that you don’t like me that you don’t like me, and what did you say I just I said I don’t like you like what you do like you really did it Oh one time I said I don’t like you I love love there’s so many places in Central Park that just look like they’re out of a movie or something cuz they probably already ed of a movie they are from movies they got never seen this archway look at this no I never been in here we need to do more exploring in the park when it gets warmer though.

But Jessica’s phone broke Anna keeps breaking she tried to upload the picture to Instagram, and the phone keeps us shutting off we’re welcome Madison Avenue now to the app store suggest, and get her phone taken care of do you think you’ll get a new one we’ll find out hopefully it’s not too busy in this one this one’s a lot less crowded than the one down on 59 since on 74 yeah it’s 74 wow they’re gonna do it for free ah. So it is the software Wow jess is getting a new phone you get the big one no it’s the same fun rock that, I’ll get liam8 anyone that I have been oh can I have the old one I just got back to the apartment we were gonna go back to the iPhone store. But it got kind of late I have been on the couch here just filling out this application for the past few minutes and, I’m about to send it in this application it’s not binding it’s kind of just the prelim application I talked about it yesterday at the end of the post it’s just like the first application you sent in to the Coast Guard to begin the process. So it’s not binding, I’m not gonna be forced to go in after I submit this. But it’s the first step here we go well didn’t it worked oh there it goes thank you for your application I don’t know I talked about it yesterday in the car, and I feel like it’s good to have those options even if you know you you might not do one of the options it’s just good to have it there. Because the meeting today the meeting went great, and it was really good to just you know hear the vision that the company had, and what we want to do, and I feel like finish this that last clip I was in the apartment, and I was talking, and then Jessica heard our neighbor, and she got quiet, and I got quiet, and the reason for that is. Because when our neighbor is home you can hear everything that we say through the walls, and I was about to say something really important, and Jessica’s just like you know what just go outside, and say it outside I was talking about our meeting that we had earlier today with the Tourism Board, and you know that’s something I don’t necessarily want the neighbor to hear, and especially Jessica Moore.

So Jessica I don’t really care you can hear if you want to hear it I mean, I’m putting it’s gonna be on the Internet I was just going to say though the company that we know would the Tourism Board their vision was very much. So aligned with the vision that I have for this blog, and where I want to take it in the future if I continue with these posts it’s a thing to remember with these posts is that, I’m a person just as a person we’re people like you guys we have great days of amazing days they also have not-so-good days we also you know sometimes don’t feel the best there’s points in life where you have choices, and the choices are totally different, and each choice can lead to a very very different outcome of your life, and even just wrapping your brain around that it’s a very it can be exciting it can be scary. But I feel like we’re coming very close to that point where you know we’re gonna make big decisions coming up, and the outcomes are totally different it’s not a bad thing it’s not a good thing it’s just they’re different, and I don’t know I just wanted to have this to document, and to share it. So people can hopefully learn something from it as I learned from as I go along when I do find out about today’s meeting I will let everyone know it as soon as I find out. Because it’s something that is really potentially awesome I mean, I’m excited about it. So until tomorrow everyone remember to smile more worry less oh my gosh there’s a taxi that was going right down the road, and a dog well the woman was holding the dog, and she wasn’t looking, and the dog went out in front of the taxi. But taxi was going really slow.

But anyway that could have been bad. But tomorrow is a new day, I’m gonna make this light I am gonna make this light.

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