Map of Castricum

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Map of Castricum Photo Gallery

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Shaded Relief Map of Castricum

The sense of failure which pervades the aftermath of a broken marriage frequently erodes confidence about making and sustain-

ing relationships. Sometimes in the final stages of an unhappy marriage both partners begin to speak frankly, recalling old wounds and misunderstandings and rehearsing the things they now say they have never liked about their partner. History is rewritten in a way which suggests they have been desperately unhappy for a long time or even from the very beginning. Both become increasingly confused about how they should interpret past events or evaluate their own behaviour. In such circumstances they will be very scared of making new commitments, and, at this stage at least, are unlikely to want to marry again. Having gained their freedom initially they look for sources of enjoyment far removed from the cosy domesticity of day-to-day married life.

It is very common for newly separated or divorced women and men to describe having a series of short, relatively uncommitted affairs with sexual pleasure and exploration as their main aim. After her first marriage ended, Mrs Hutchinson lived with a younger man for a short time:

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