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Some marriages come to an end only when one or, more rarely, both partners wish to marry someone else. As we saw in Chapter 1, although it is unusual for affairs of such seriousness to blossom entirely out of the blue, the common phrase falling in love’ conveys the bewildering sense of powerlessness felt by those who suddenly find that their deepest feelings are aroused. If the partners have simply grown apart, without conflict or violent arguments, they

Breaking Even may still feel warm affection for each other. A woman may admit to her husband that although she still loves him, she is in love’ with someone new. Those of us not currently madly in love can survey it all in a balanced, detached manner; we say that such feelings do not last and that they are a poor basis for making serious and potentially costly decisions. Solicitors tend to be particularly world-weary in this respect and they sometimes try to dissuade their clients by telling them bluntly that they cannot afford a divorce. Such advice is generally ignored by those caught in the web of sharply contrasting emotions – the sense of well-being associated with being in love, and feelings of panic and indecision – that their new relationship has brought in its train. Falling in love tends to heighten our sense of our own individuality – we assert that our feelings are different and unique, and that we must work out the consequences for ourselves.

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