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Map of caribbean for In BC new rumors began to circulate to the effect that Alexander and Aristobulus were plotting to assassinate Herod; whether these rumors had a basis in fact or were merely manufactured by Antipater we do not know. Certainly Herod believed them, and he responded with fury and had the two siblings tried and executed. The king decided that Antipater should be the sole king, although now he speciied that Philip I would be Antipater’s successor. Then, in BC, Philip I was removed from the will, because Herod suspected that his mother was guilty of conspiracy against him, leaving Antipater as the sole specified heir. It is around this time, in or BC, when Herod was acutely paranoid and focused on the succession, and perhaps thinking that he had inally sorted out the whole messy business, that the Magi entered Jerusalem asking where the newborn King of the Jews was and declaring that they had seen his star in the eastern sky. In fact, Herod’s paranoia and dynastic woes continued until his death. Early in BC the king discovered that Antipater, before departing for Rome in BC, had been conspiring to poison him. Map of caribbean 2016.

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