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What is now has always been.

I need to let you know.


… for a couple of weeks I was feeling very sorry for myself and then I, sort of, grabbed myself by the roots and said to myself, Come on, carry on with a new life from now on, this one is over, start anew, it’s no good hanging on to what you haven’t got.’

In some ways the crisis of a partner’s sudden and unexpected desertion has its compensations; the shock may precipitate a sufficiently serious collapse to allow the victim to withdraw into illness for a time. Friends and family rally round, relieving you of everyday responsibilities; they give you permission’ to mourn, to release your pain in bouts of rage and weeping. They provide a listening ear as you rework the past, seeking explanation and reassurance. When, in due time, you begin to recover sufficiently to heed their advice, to put the past behind you and start again, you have had an opportunity to express some of your feelings – an opportunity all too often denied to separating partners in other circumstances.

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