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Map of Caparroso on , The Fontana Economic History of Europe (Barnes & Noble, 1977). WILLIAM GALLOIS, PH.D. AMERICAN UNIVERSITY OF SHARJAH franchising IN THE Webster’s New World Dictionary of Media and Communications, Richard Weiner defines a franchise as a contractual agreement between a manufacturer, service organization, or other franchisers and independent businesspersons (franchisees) who purchase the right to own and operate a retail unit and/or to sell the franchised products or services. Franchising depends upon a legal agreement, that can be seen symbolically as a sharing of reputations: the franchisee accepts to bring a high level of quality to his customers and promises to conform to the corporation’s standard norms, and by doing so, benefits from a label’s name, exclusive products, well-known logos, and large-scale advertising. In return, the franchisee hosts satisfied customers from previous experiences in other franchises; he helps the other members of the franchise by responding to the customers’ needs and expectations. By doing so, he contributes to improve the corporation’s reputation. Map of Caparroso 2016.

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