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Map of Cananeia on In a Nash Equilibrium, no player would want to change strategies from what she has already chosen. This result casts doubt on Adam SMITH’s notion that the individual pursuit of self-interest will lead to the best outcome for the group. Table 1: Prisoners’ Dilemma Player 2 Player 1 not confess confess not confess -1, -1 -8, 0 confess 0, -8 -5, -5 Some games do not have an equilibrium set of pure strategies, but may have an equilibrium in mixed strategies. A mixed strategy is a strategy that assigns a probability less than one to each of the pure strategies available to the player, with all probabilities adding to one. Of course, each pure strategy can be written as a mixed strategy with its own probability equal to one, and all other probabilities equal to zero. If (s, s, .. Map of Cananeia 2016.

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