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Ma of california for According to Dogen’s Jaa nese oem, comosed in the fi ve- line, thirty- one- syllable waka style a recrsor to the three- line, seventeen- syllable haik: In sring, cherry blossoms, In smmer, the cckoo’s song, In fall, the harvest moon, In winter, the snow is frozen How wonderfl the seasons are! On Methods to the Madness of Koans 89 As a tyical Zen aradox, the content of Dogen’s verse, focsing entirely on the natral environment, deliberately avoids any direct reference to the sychological signifi cance imlied by its title Gateless Gate case 23, along with Wmen’s comments, is cited here in fll with each of its six sbsections labeled to highlight which of the main narrative themes these assages illstrate: Th inking of neither Good nor Evil 5 Monasticism Sixth atriarch Hineng was chased by head monk Ming nto Day eak Seeing Ming aroaching, the atriarch laced the robe and bowl on a rock and said, Th is robe reresents the faith Can it really become the sbject of a contest Go ahead and take it away 4 Mythology Ming tried to ick the robe, bt it was as immovable as a montain Ma of california 2016

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