Map of Calera Victor Rosales

Map of Calera Victor Rosales for In the contemporary world economy, OPEC has the potential to wield a significant influence due to its large reserves and market share, and the reluctance of many oil-dependent industrialized countries to seriously develop substitutes and to implement serious oil-conserva- 622 OPEC tion strategies. Some observers believe, however, that the emergence of non-OPEC competitors in the late 20th century has limited OPEC’s ability to influence global oil markets, and the Saudi political alliances forged with the United States adds weight to incentives not to restrict oil output and raise prices. These growing sources of non-OPEC oil have reduced U.S. dependence on oil from OPEC. Also, like all economic players, OPEC is vulnerable to the ups and downs of global economic activity. For some OPEC countries, oil is the most significant, or the only significant, export commodity. Map of Calera Victor Rosales 2016.

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