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SOURCES OF FURTHER INFORMATION : Feel free to inquire of Pan American‚„s representative, c/o S. Huie and Company, at 186 Phayre Street, Rangoon, for tourist information.

The small Kingdom of Cambodia formerly a part of French Indo China, is a picturesque country of rice paddies, sugar and rubber plantations set against a background of ancient temples and monuments, among them Angkor Wat, one of the great tourist attractions of the Orient. Of the estimated population of 5 million, about 450,000 live in Phnom-Penh, the capital, which is only about one hour by air from Saigon, and 1% hours from Bangkok. Hotel accommodations are extremely limited. There is only one hotel, the Royal, but there are several good restaurants where visitors may sample French, Chinese, Cambodian and Indian specialties. French, English and Chinese wines and spirits are also available. The monetary unit is the Riel, rated at 35 to one U.S. dollar at the official exchange (import limit 400). Travelers need a passport, and visa from Cambodian or French consular offices (they take 4 to 6 weeks for processing), and smallpox and cholera certificates. 400 cigarettes, 1 bottle of liquor allowed duty free. Best time to visit is November to February.

In Phnom-Penh, visit the Jayavarman II Museum, the Cooperative Art Corporation and the Art School. One can buy here finely woven silk materials used for ‚“sampots,‚ the native style dress for men and women. Other good buys include semiprecious stones, gold and silverware, bamboo and wickerwork. Don‚„t miss the fabulous Royal Palace in Phnom-Penh with its flashing golden-tiered roofs and pinnacles, enormous Throne Room and Silver Pagoda with its silver flooring, diamond encrusted golden image of the Lord Buddha and Pagoda Museum. You can also see the Royal Elephant Stables.

ANGKOR WAT : Located at Siemreap, 400 miles west northwest of Saigon, on the air route between Staigon and Bangkok, the ruins of Angkor are by far the greatest tourist attraction in Cambodia. This architectural wonder of ornamental monuments, temples and palaces with 200-foot towers covering an area over 60 square miles was built by the Khmer warrior kings more than a thousand years ago when the Hindu-Buddhist civilization flourished. Hidden by jungle growth, the ruins were rediscovered only within the last century and are still in the process of being restored. At Siemreap you stay at the Grand Hotel. Rates are $8 single with meals; or $11 including use of a car. (A car is necessary in order to visit the ruins, which are several miles from Siemreap.) Double rates are $10 and $18 respectively.

SOURCES OF FURTHER INFORMATION: Pan American office is care of Denis Freres Air Service at: 46 Terak Vithai Preah Bat Sisowath, Phnom-Penh, Cambodia.

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