Map of Bunnahabhain

If you buy a female Siamese cat be prepared to raise kittens or go crazy. The banshees take wailing lessons from Siamese travel with cats in heat.

Siamese kittens are tiny little mites when they are born. They develop slowly and should not be weaned until they are about four months old. Reputable breeders do not sell Siamese kittens less than four months old. Because they develop so slowly, Siamese remain kittens for a long time. At birth Siamese kittens are about the color of a peeled banana, with faint smudges where the dark points will develop. By the time the kittens are old enough to sell, their markings are developing and their eyes are as blue as they are going to be.

Siamese kittens are sturdy and easy to raise if they are fed properly, kept dry, and not forced to sleep in draughty places. They thrive best in ordinary country surroundings, without any special pampering.

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