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I can’t wait to see what illusion you’ve come up with for us one of those romantic boy meets girl boy loses girl story it’s better Hey everybody, and welcome back to bonus salaries we have come out to probably the most popular place to visit, and a very good reason worth lavaca, and has pretty much inspired by boat cabin in Maine town is just in the whole traditional village all not even villages suburb, and that is so unbelievably colorful really excited to show you guys this neighborhood is so unbelievably cool just look at all the colors that they’ve got going on there’s like cafes, and marketplaces as you can tell probably one of the more popular places to come here, and boy oh sorry I can’t get over the signs like the calligraphy that they’ve done mixed with the colors it just gives us such an awesome feel even this mirrored one just here I mean that one’s just like sitting on the floor. But it still looks. So cool point of the story is we come for coffee join us start to our tour around Boise areas. Because literally a sat down had a coffee, and is what be nice. But now we’re gonna go for a bit more of a walk around the block even the stones up here are all colored even the local schools joined in, and decided to color all their classrooms multicolored okay guys we are being the ultimate tours here in Buenos Aires he thought maybe on the river out here maybe got a taxi out here subway we get the big yellow box on the yellow path this lady here is gold. So when, I’m older some family of dogs all right guys it’s like the other side of Moya theory the bucco was like a king in the south. But please say was in the south we thought all the way to the north now to this beautiful area Coloma is the district this week in bars markets if you just have a look on what’s going on here there’s a lot going on really beautiful it’s the area, and we’re just car for lunch a very late lunch it’s like quoted a ball, and order a good meal the kitchen is open which is cool goes upstairs, and we’ve gone for the catch of the day which is salmon which, I’m so happy about with some pumpkin this looks good come to like this clothing.

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So it’s like a common ground. Because every time we go to a different section is a new attendant. But the genius idea about this is if your partner is shopping you just go to the bar or they go clothes shopping why is no one ever done that okay I decided to skip the bar at the the clothing store to instead of come to one of the coolest ice cream stores give me my wallet you an Oreo yeah. So first of all the the actual place looks. So cool full of pop culture. But the thing I like is they have an insane amount of selection named after different things here like the stormtrooper one Al Capone one. But this is what, I’m going for they had pre-made they kind of look like magnums yes a little over you in it that’s very cool we’ve come to the cutest little place for brunch, and the mills are amazing we don’t know salmon bagels, and granola, and coffee sweet potato, and it’s our last time having brunch with these girls.

Because it’s our last day of the – our life grows fast too fast our last sunset in Argentina it’s in good fun I hope you guys have enjoyed this little group show that we’ve done it weird for like 34 days. So it was a lot of fun stuff definitely the highlights were Machu Picchu I think that four-wheel drive tour in the Bolivian salt flats as well was a highlight. Because it’s just such a unique experience that we’ve never done, and of course wine tasting in Mendoza it’s our ten-year anniversary today if you guys need to let us know which was your favorite out of the entire series, and also let us know if you watched the whole series as well. But yeah tomorrow we are flying back to Peru. Because we thought hang out here, and if you guys have been with us for the last few years you understand that we we must feel a bit guilty when we go, and do like the selfish traveling you would call it when we just go out, and just enjoy ourselves go to nice places we like to also do some volunteering as well. So we thought you know we had our 34 days of fun gonna go do some volunteering, and which is fun as well. But, I’m not just saying is like the good in the bad.

But if there are any places in South America that you guys want us to go visit let us know below. Because at the moment we only have plans like we are free in South America for the next month. So you guys need to know what you want to see in South America, and we can see if we try, and make that happen. But it’s been it’s been a good ride the same we’ve been looking forward to this trip for. So long, and now it’s over it’s kind. But it was uh it was awesome I hope you guys enjoyed the series, and we’ll see you bright, and early tomorrow heading.

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