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Map of budapest for 89, 1999); Jagdish Bhagwati, On the Equivalence of Tariffs and Quotas, Trade Growth and the Balance of Payments: Essays in Honor of Gottfried Haberler (Rand McNally, 1965); Anne Krueger, The Political Economy of the Rent-Seeking Society, American Economic Review (v.64/3, 1974). LEOPOLDO RODRGUEZ-BOETSCH PORTLAND STATE UNIVERSITY 694 quota railroads PERHAPS MORE THAN ANY other industry, railroads have traditionally served as emblems of capitalism. The invention of the steam engine and the development of rail-building technology were functions of the INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION. Railroads then spread that mode of industrial production, and its altered ways of life, across whole countries and continents with incredible rapidity, fundamentally changing the economics of production, distribution, and consumption of most forms of agricultural and industrial enterprises. Once networks had been built, railroads altered the character of national economies, but considerable historiographical debates exist about the relative contribution of railways to capitalism as compared with earlier transport revolutions in, for example, river, canal and road transport. Few, however, dispute the role played by railroads in forging both nations and national consciousness in the 19th century. Map of budapest 2016.

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