Map of Bu’ayrat al Hasun

Map of Bu’ayrat al Hasun on Critics of globalization also point to another perverse consequence, clearly intended, and which benefits important political constituencies in the rich nations. As tariff barriers are removed, inefficient producers of commodities, such as food grains in poor countries can no longer compete with the often highly subsidized and high-technology industrial agribusinesses, which now have new markets for their corn, rice, and wheat. For example, price caps and subsidies for tortillas in MEXICO must be removed as part of the conditionality of the structural adjustment plans required of a debtor country, as well as, requirements of membership in the WTO and the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), but agricultural subsidies continue for the agribusiness exporters, in large part because of the power of important constituencies in industrial nations. Thus, subsistence farmers who used to be able to sell their small surplus are now required to participate in a monetized economy and to pay for cheap imported grain from the industrial societies in order to eat. The falling prices of exports, and the non-competitiveness of indigenous grain producers facing agribusiness imports, has driven and will continue to drive many small producers into illegal crops, such as coca, heroin poppies, and marijuana. This will provide some cash to participate in the monetized economy, but not substantially increase the quality of caloric intake. It also provides a rationale for the industrial countries to continue their global war on drugs, and for enriching shady elites in both rich and poor nations who are not caught. Map of Bu’ayrat al Hasun 2016.

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