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Map of Breville for Parking at night is easier than during the day, but check the signs to make sure you’re not parked in a street that turns into a market in the morning or on the one day of the week when it’s cleaned in the small hours; otherwise you’re likely to be towed. Parking attendants are especially active in tourist areas and if you get fed up with driving around and settle for a space in a zona di rimozione (tow-away zone), don’t expect your car to be there when you get back. In Milan, don’t be surprised to see parking just about anywhere, notably on pavements, seemingly working tram lines and bus stops, but you’d be unwise to follow suit. Towns generally operate a colour-coded parking scheme: blue-zone parking spaces (delineated by a blue line) usually have a maximum stay of one or MOTORWAYS ?AUTOSTRADE? IN THE LAKES REGION A4 Torino VeneziaTrieste Turin Milan Bergamo Brescia Verona Venice. A8 Milano Varese Milan Varese. A9 Lainate Chiasso Milan Como Switzerland (Lugano). A21 Torino Brescia Cremona Brescia. A22 Modena Brennero Mantua Verona Lake Garda’s east shore. A26 Genova Gravellona Toce West side of Lake Maggiore Domodossola (signposted for the Passo del Sempione). Map of Breville 2016.


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