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Constant head shaking can cause a blood cyst, known as a hematoma. It is caused by a broken blood vessel the result of an injury, a blow on the ear, or continual head shaking and ear scratching. The blood vessel ruptures between the layers of the skin and starts filling up.

A hematoma needs intervention by a veterinarian. The only cure is surgical. If the dog continues to shake his head, as the bleeding continues with head shaking, a stocking or bandage should be put over his head while he is being taken to the veterinarian. Sticking a needle or knife into the soft painless swelling doesn’t effect a cure; the ruptured blood vessel has to be gotten at. Also, the predisposing cause of the head shaking, such as ear mites or ear canker, has to be dealt with when the hematoma is treated so that the head shaking will stop.

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