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Map of Borsch on In contrast, governments opting to limit free trade place restrictive policies (such as TARIFFS) against imported goods to artificially favor products produced within the nation, therefore protecting its own producers and manufacturers from foreign competition. Free trade may seem like a relatively straightforward idea, but it is a hot topic in today’s global economy. Free trade is used to defend or punish a nation’s trade policy and is also utilized as a diplomatic tool in determining relations between countries or blocks of countries. In these instances, free trade becomes a plank in the ideological battle between nations, and a fierce issue among a variety of activists within and outside a given country. At the heart of free trade is the notion that the open exchange of goods between nations is a favorable development and benefits the global economy. Smith’s framework. Smith outlined his thoughts about free trade in lectures at Glasgow University in the 1760s, building on the work of earlier economic thinkers. Map of Borsch 2016.

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You will, however, change your discretionary spending, because your consumer-spending pattern is often different from one month to the next. This is where budgeting becomes liberating instead of taxing. When you finally realize you have the power to control where your money goes, you will see that a budget can help you achieve the lifestyle and financial security you seek.

Part of that security, by the way, is learning to routinely fund a savings account with some of your discretionary dollars. This is a must. Indeed, savings is the first expense that should come from your discretionary income stream, but I’ll cover this more in a coming chapter.

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