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Standard cribs can range from 53 to 57 inches long, 30 to 33 inches wide, and 41 to 50 inches tall. Expect to pay at least $200 for a good crib. You can find well-built models in stylish colors with more features (like quieter rail releases) for around $400. Designer brands can cost up to $800, convertible cribs about $1,000, and a high-end custom crib as much as $2,000.

Safety considerations. If you are

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Men sometimes feel incompetent as to how to do this; they need skills. And, second, their work sucks them up in spite of their best intentions to give time to relationships with children. They spend a lot of time working, not to avoid forming relationships with children, but as a way of caring for children. A key to change is changing the cultural clues men get about being fathers. Looking at this from an ecological and systems point of view, we can ask, What are the cues that men get about parenting across the life cycle? The expectations others have about them have a lot to do with shaping their behavior.

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