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Haus Ludwine – 1 rooms luxury Apartment in Bettenfeld, Eifel …

Haus Ludwine – 1 rooms luxury Apartment in Bettenfeld, Eifel …

There are, perhaps, some guidelines – where the marriage ends suddenly, acute incapacitating shock usually diminishes within months. (I am sure that that sounds all too callous to anyone going through such pain.) Anyone who still feels completely unable to cope, marooned in their grief after three or four months certainly needs help. Anyone who still has serious problems sleeping or eating, or who is still overcome by frequent bouts of uncontrollable weeping several months later should visit their doctor with as clear an account of how they feel as possible.

Where the separation has been more gradual, reaction may come later. Debilitating periods of gloom and depression, loss of energy and confidence, waking unusually early and starting the day badly are all signs of reaction to personal stress which need attention if they persist. Doctors who have studied the effects of family bereavements on surviving relatives consider that most people will have recovered as much as they ever will within nine to eighteen months. It would be trite and unfeeling to suggest that complete recovery is even possible, but by the end of this time most people are ready to put the past behind them, taking up the threads of an altered life which brings compensations as well as occasional painful reminders of the past.

During this period of recovery, various family anniversaries will pass and it is comforting to realize that you have put behind you the first Christmas, the first summer holiday, the children’s birthdays, the reminders prompted by the changing seasons. As time goes on you begin to lay new foundations – daily rituals and routines, special occasions and bits of family history – which mark the beginnings of life after separation. Although the actual anniversary of the day you split up may bring back painful reminders, it also marks the end of this most difficult year.

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