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Map of Ben Cat on In response, many states legalized non-tribal casinos, although casino operation in these states was generally restricted to designated areas. For example, gambling in Illinois and Iowa was restricted gambling and lotteries 329 Gambling and lotteries are a $63 billion (or more) business the size of a small nation’s gross domestic product. to large riverboats, and gambling in Colorado, South Dakota, and Kansas was limited to historical areas such as Deadwood, Dodge City, and Cripple Creek. The historical capital of gambling, Las Vegas, responded to the increased competition for gambling dollars by building more and more lavish and extravagant casinos, and changing the image of the city from a gambler’s paradise to a more family-oriented vacation destination. The latest innovation in the gaming trade has been the advent of a rapidly growing internet gambling industry. Many groups look upon the gambling industry with disfavor for several reasons. First, many object to gambling on religious grounds. Map of Ben Cat 2016.

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