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Map of bc for The regime’s proudest accomplishment was the construction of the massive Lenin Steel Works at Nowa Huta, a planned suburb adjacent to the university and cultural center of Krakow. The site was supposed to bring peasant workers into the industrial age but instead became a symbol of the alienation and inefficiency of a centrally planned economy. Always the most restive country in the Soviet Bloc, Poland was the first country to oust the Communist Party from office in 1989. Immediately pursuing economic shock therapy under the Balcerowicz Plan to privatize the economy, stimulate international trade, and dampen inflation and budget deficits, Poland had the highest growth rate of any European economy by the mid-1990s. Although its heavy industries of iron and steel making, mining, and chemical production remained important, nearly 70 percent of the Polish economy was related to the service sector after 10 years of privatization. Seventy percent of Polish firms had also been transferred from the government to the private sector. BIBLIOGRAPHY. Map of bc 2016.

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