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Map of Barni on , 1984); George Ritzer, The Mc- Donaldization of Society (Pine Forge, 1996); Michael Schudson, Delectable Materialism: Second Thoughts on Consumer Culture, Consumer Society in American History: A Reader (Cornell University Press, 1999); Richard Weiner. Webster’s New World Dictionary of Media and Communications (Macmillan, 1996). YVES LABERGE, PH.D. INSTITUT QUBCOIS DES HAUTES TUDES INTERNATIONALES franchising 313 Franklin, Benjamin (170690) ONE OF THE MOST influential figures of American society in the 18th century, Benjamin Franklin helped shape the American way of life through his model of personal success and achievement, popularized in his famous Autobiography, written between 1771 and 1790. Published posthumously, the book has enjoyed a vast readership and, after no less than 400 editions over the last three centuries, it is still in print and tells the story of Franklin, the self-made man who emerged from obscurity to eminence. Franklin’s rise to fame exemplified the American dream of individual success and social mobility. Map of Barni 2016.

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