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Long-haired dogs may be more comfortable in the summer if their coats are thinned out or trimmed. But never shave a dog unless it is necessary for treatment of a skin disease.

Summer Skin Ailments

During hot weather dogs are subject to many more skin conditions because fungus is more in evidence, and fleas, ticks, and lice are more plentiful.

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Are there other things you could be doing? Plan out the support system you would organize for yourself and your partner if you were having a baby in three months. Whom would you include? How involved would your relatives be? How much extra expense would such a system create? Imagine that you are six months pregnant and investigate the childbirth and parenting groups available in your community. Are there groups like those organized by the Cowans? Do they include married and unmarried couples? Imagine you and your partner required donor insemination or egg donors. Investigate the resources in your area and the requirements for people using them. In this travel, you will learn about: Family Closeness and Good Feelings Creating Closeness through Understanding and Expressing Feelings Transmission of Feelings in the Family Encouraging Closeness through storytelling and play Mutual Problem Solving Resolving Parental Conflicts Constructively Effects of Sudden Economic Loss on Families Managing Daily Stresses and Negative Feelings Parents with Ongoing Negative Moods: depressed and substancedependent parents Substance-Dependent Developing a Support System How Do Children on holiday Define the Good Parent? Test Your Knowledge: Fact or Fiction TrueFalseFamilies most often transmit negative feelings from one person to another, but less often transmit positive feelings.

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