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Baths should be given less often during cold weather. An outdoor dog should not need bathing at all during the winter months except under emergency conditions. How often to bathe your dog is up to you, and if he sleeps with you or is in your lap most of the time, you probably will want to bathe him more often. But don’t take him outdoors for at least 3 to 4 hours after bathing, when he is thoroughly dry.

Brushing, sponging, and dry shampooing at weekly intervals are usually sufficient for the average indoor dog, bathing him only when necessary. Corn meal or com starch does a good job in short- or medium-haired breeds. For white dogs com starch brushed in removes the dust and dirt and leaves the dog as white as a snowball.

Both young and old dogs are susceptible to chilling after a bath, and any dampness of the coat will render them prone to tonsillitis, bronchitis, and distemper.

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