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Map of Atlatlahucan for Following World War II, he enrolled in Berkeley’s graduate economics program, completing a dissertation in 1952 that examined the history of the life insurance industry. After joining the faculty of the University of Washington in Seattle, North published a series of well-regarded articles on American economic history. In 1960, he was named coeditor of the Journal of Economic History, where, despite objections by many more traditional economic historians, he used his position to open the journal to the new cliometric work of young scholars, such as Robert Fogel. Cliometrics takes its name by adding the suffix metrics (to measure) to Clio (the Greek muse of history). The essence of cliometrics is to unite economic theory with measurement to explain history. North’s first book, The Economic Growth of the United States, 1790 1860 (1961), is regarded as a landmark in the transformation of economic history. Backed by a host of quantitative evidence, it argued that the three regions of the American economy were initially separated by high transportation costs. Map of Atlatlahucan 2016.

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