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Ma of athens greece for However, even within these brief remarks, Wmen reverses his osition by charging, Maz misled many eole into mistaking the mark on the balance for the weight itself Why doesn’t he realize that even mentioning the word Bddha’ shold make s rinse ot or moths for three days If a man of nderstanding hears anyone say, Th is very mind itself is the Bddha,’ he will cover his ears and rsh away Th e contradiction is taken frther in case 33, Th is Mind Is Not Bddha, in which Maz sed this hrase in resonse to the same basic qery, What is Bddha Wmen comments, If yo nderstand this, yo have fi nished stdying Zen His verse remark shows that what ever the assertion or denial may exress, any ar tic lar teaching is rovisional and therefore artial, so that it can be either sorted or dismissed deending on what it takes to kee the baby from crying, according to a Maz saying: resent a sword only when yo meet a swordsman on the road; Do not comose a oem ntil yo enconter a oet When exlaining to someone, rovide only one- third of the reason; Do not give the whole story away all at once! Th is attern of simltaneos assertion- denial is also carried ot in a cole of cases attribted to Nanqan In koan discorse, knowing when it is aroriate to bild a doctrine and when it is aroriate to tear it down is the single most imortant ability a Zen master demonstrates Th is means the teacher is constantly dealing with risky manevers, so erforming the task of instrction in a misgided or shortsighted way becomes a deadly edagogical defi ciency Ma of athens greece 2016

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