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Map of asia for Th e narrative can be interpreted symbolically as what transpires in the workplace between idealistic youth and experienced elders or as an intrapsychic debate between the uncompromising and more practical sides in a professional’s motivational development and leadership skills. A key to understanding the case is the ritual context of the monastic institution, for which rules of etiquette regarding proper dress and behavior were prescribed in great detail. Th e Pure Rules, attributed to Baizhang, who lived in the ninth century, was not published until 1103. But it is safe to assume that codes of conduct regulated the attire as well as the attitude of monks visiting a temple, including their entrance into the sermon hall, the central structure of the monastic compound, and their greeting with the resident master. Th e following excerpt cites several main components of the koan, including the introductory pointer by Yuanwu, the main case, with Yuanwu’s capping- phrase comments in italics following each line in addition to?Xuedou’s brief exclamatory insertions, and a portion of Yuanwu’s prose commentary: Whither Koans, or Wither? 179 (1) Pointer by Yuanwu: Standing out under the blue sky and in the open sunlight, it is not necessary to point to the east or to point to the west. But based on temporal conditions, we still must respond to a disease with the appropriate cure. Now, tell me, is it better to go with the fl ow or to hold fast? As a test, consider the following. Map of asia 2016.

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