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Map of Armstedt on His educational background took him from training under David Davidson at Uppsala University to Gustav Cassel at Stockholm University. Hecksher, however, decided to pursue economic research on his own terms. Among his publications, Hecksher’s work on MERCANTILISM accorded him some notoriety. Originally published in 1931, and later translated into German and Hecksher, Eli 375 then into English in 1934, this work drew a lot of attention, as it presented a case for the origins of mercantilism in the formation of nations in Europe and their expanding influence over the rest of the world. Hecksher presented a case for mercantilist policies as the logical extension of the process of colonization pursued by the European countries. Hecksher wrote a paper in 1919 titled The Influence of Foreign Trade on the Distribution of Income. This paper became the basis for the writings of Bertil OHLIN, who went on to receive the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1977. Map of Armstedt 2016.

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