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ent found in the Hittite archives, of Ottoman art, Istanbul‚„s Blue Mosque; it measures more than 36.000 sq. ft. The four minarets each extend to a height of 270 feet. Mausoleum of Atatiirk : Mustafa Kemal Ataturk‚„s final resting place, Amt Kabir in Turkish, is one of Ankara‚„s most impressive monuments. It dominates the skyline of the city and was built in a Neo-classical style in 1953, taking eleven years in the process of completion. Another great Turkish political leader, Ismet Inonu, is also buried in the mausoleum. It is located on a hill in the southwest of the city. The roadway that approaches the monument is lined with flowers and shrubbery, and the approach made on foot takes the visitor across a long, paved area flanked by lion statues. The splendor of the interior is accented with the marble used in its make-up. The symboiical tomb is also of marble; Atatiirk is buried beneath this in a vault. A museum is attached to the mausoleum containing articles from Ataturk’s life. The mausoleum proper c

Physical 3D Map of Antsiranana Rural, political outside

Map of Ankorefo Photo Gallery

Physical 3D Map of Ambala

Savanna Style Location Map of the Area around 12° 22′ 13u0026quot; S, 48 …

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