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We must have appropriate surroundings for the mating, that the bitch and male are accustomed to, or at least not frightened by. They should not be thrown into the room and expected to breed immediately. Their introduction should be correct and proper, and they should be allowed to have some sexual foreplay so that they may become accustomed to each other and increase their sexual excitement.

Although they should be allowed to be alone so that they can play and tease each other in an uninhibited way, I recommend that they be watched from the outside so that there can be assurance that the union has taken place and so that when problems are encountered someone will be available to help the dogs. Most breeders and veterinarians connected with dog breeding are aware of the many difficulties that can be encountered in mating. Many dogs will not mate if there is someone in the room with them. Some males will allow help in mounting and penetration; other males will stop as soon as outside help is attempted. Each case has to be handled separately.

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