Map of Ambergate

This odor, believe it or not, is a form of advertising, the oldest in the world, I guess. It says plainer than any words dreamed up by $20,ooo-a-year copywriters that this is, The reckless allure hidden in the sweet intimacy and lushness of the sultry night . . . redolent of dark, and mysterious charms in the aura of breathless beauty on the dewy, moon-bespattered back fence. In short, cat smell is the feline equivalent of Chanel Number 5.

When he’s particularly eager to meet a personable young female, intention matrimony, a tomcat sprays whiffs of cat smell about in the hope of luring a maiden feline to his moon-bespattered lair. If he can’t get out, he’ll spray around the windows and doors. Female travel with cats also spray.

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