Map of Amatitan

Map of Amatitan for The trade pattern between countries would take place under the following principle: A country will export a commodity that uses its abundant factor intensively. A labor-abundant country would produce a commodity that uses labor intensively and a capital-abundant country would produce a commodity that uses capital intensively. For this work, Ohlin was awarded the Nobel Prize jointly with James MEADE. In recognizing his work, the Nobel committee praised Ohlin’s work on patterns of international trade, resource allocation, intra-national trade, and the international division of labor. After submitting his thesis, Ohlin spent two years traveling to England and the United States. He studied both at Cambridge and then at Harvard universities, and Ohlin credited these experiences as immensely useful and influential in his future writings. His academic career ranged from being selected as a chair of the economics department at the University of Copenhagen, to the chair of the Stockholm School of Business, to lecturer at various universities in Europe and the United States. Map of Amatitan 2016.

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