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arden on the island of Lidingo (25 minutes by tramway from the center of Stockholm) is the home of the famous sculptor Carl Milles. It is surrounded by a charming terraced garden and contains a rich and unique collection of antique sculptures and works by the artist. Side Trips: Recently a new tour has been started with special consideration for guests from America: the Sunlit Nights Land Cruise of the Swedish State Railways, 8 days aboard a special luxury train. It takes you to the fabulous region of the midnight sun. You travel Stockholm’s Concert Hall with its busy flower market in the foreground is just one of the capital’s many cultural centers. north from Stockholm in easy stages, visiting the romantic province of Dalecarlia, to beyond the Arctic Circle and back, stopping to visit the colorful, nomadic Lapps and their reindeer herds, waterfalls, open-pit iron mines. For 4 days of the trip you are under the midnight sun, and never see darkness. Uppsala is about 40 miles north of Stockholm (50 minutes by

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