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Refer also to maps of Canada , the Mid-Atlantic region , or the

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Overview Map of Northeastern USA Whitewater

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additional information about the Northeast region‚„s wildlife refuges

Map Northeast for They proposed that naturally occurring life events did not simply have unitary consequences for a person but cumulative effects; in other words, the more life events one experienced, for example within the past year, the greater the likelihood of physical health problems. Furthermore, they claimed that specific kinds of event could be weighted against each other. To make these claims, Holmes and Rahe had carried out a series of interesting studies. First, they invited over , participants to generate a list of events that they found most stressful; from this, they generated a representative list of forty-three commonly mentioned events, including positive, negative, frequent and rare events. Holmes and Rahe then asked a new sample of almost people to rank the listed events in order of the degree of disruption the event, if experienced, had caused them. Furthermore, they asked participants to rate each event against marriage, which had arbitrarily been given a value of by the researchers. For example, if divorce was considered by a respondent as requiring twice as much adjustment as marriage, it was given a value of ,. Map Northeast 2016.

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