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Map: Netherlands

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Netherlands Map

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Political Map of Netherlands (Nederland)

Map Netherlands for Two of the main coping taxonomies are summarised in Table firstly those which differentiate between problem-focused and emotion-focused coping cf. Folkman and Lazarus , and secondly those which distinguish between approach-oriented coping and avoidance cf. Roth and Cohen ; Suls and Fletcher Within each of the broad dimensions described in Table are a variety of coping sub-scales, generally derived from factor analysis of a large number of coping items in an attempt to identify statistically meaningful clusters’ of items that can then be used in a new measurement scale. Folkman and Lazarus , in the popular Ways of Coping scale, distinguish eight sub-scales that address the two dimensions of problem-focused and emotion-focused coping confrontive coping, distancing, self-controlling, seeking social support, accepting responsibility, escape? avoidance, planned problem solving and positive reappraisal. Carver and colleagues distinguish thirteen, and latterly fifteen, sub-scales planning, active coping, suppressing competing activities, acceptance, turning to religion, venting emotions, seeking instrumental support, seeking emotional support, humour, positive reinterpretation, restraint coping, denial, mental disengagement, behavioural disengagement, alcohol or drug use COPE scale. In contrast, Endler and colleagues Endler and Parker Endler et al. assess across three dimensions emotion-oriented personoriented strategies such as daydreaming, emotional response or selfpreoccupation; task-oriented strategies to solve, minimise or reconceptualise Table Coping dimensions . Map Netherlands 2016.

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