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Feature Article Photo Gallery Map: Mount Athos

Resolution: 760 x 610 252 kB
Size: 760 x 610 252 kB

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Mount Rainier Major Stream Drainages Map See map details From vulcan

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the map sketch is based on the map mount everest

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Mount Everest Map See map details

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¨¯´Ë½ Map of Mount Rushmore.png

Map Mount for Many factors moderate the impact of stress on health, or the impact of stressful illness upon longer-term outcomes such as disability, distress and survival. This chapter has described how factors attributed to a person’s personality, beliefs, emotions and use of social support can affect stress responses and outcomes. Such variables can be studied in terms of the direct relationships they have with stress outcomes, or as variables that need to be controlled for when examining other predictors. For example, one study might examine whether trait neuroticism predicts psychological distress following surgery, where another study might control for neuroticism in examining the effects of a pre-surgical information sheet on patient distress following surgery. Whatever the research question, it has become increasingly clear that many variables influence the relationship between a stressful event and its outcomes, and that biological, psychological and social factors work together in the stress?illness experience. Further reading Adler, N.E. Map Mount 2016.

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