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Resolution: 500 x 450 54 kB
Size: 500 x 450 54 kB

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from center of map displays approximate resolution of the street map

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2010-2011 marks my gap year. Hmm‚ what will I do? sleep on the couch

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Choice of 18, 24, or 36 inch printed map

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Map Melissa for , Tsutsumi, A., Nishiuchi, K. et al Effects of the job stress education for supervisors on psychological distress and job performance among their immediate subordinates a supervisor-based randomized controlled trial. Journal of Occupational Health, Interesting Japanese study looking at the impact of training supervisors in stress management and its effect on the people they are supervising. Free off the web. Type in stress management training into any search engine, and you will get thousands of hits. Few are useful resources though, as most are links to commercial sites who want your money before you can access information. Map Melissa 2016.

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