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The Theory Underlying Concept Maps and How to Construct and Use Them

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Mathematics Degree Requirements

Map Math for g. marriage, loss of job. Such events are implicated in the experience of stress. Table Representative life event items from the social readjustment rating scale and their LCUs Event LCU rating ? Death of a spouse Divorce Death of a close family member Personal injury or illness Marriage Being fired from work Retirement Sex difficulties Death of a close friend Change to a different job Foreclosure of mortgage or loan Son or daughter leaving home Outstanding personal achievement Begin or end school Trouble with boss Change in residence Change in social activities Vacation Christmas Source Holmes and Rahe CONCEPTS OF STRESS , as a result of various methodological or sampling limitations. For example, many studies reporting moderate to strong associations between LCU’s, health and illness including many of Holmes and colleagues’, relied on retrospective assessment i.e. participants who were already ill were asked to report whether or not they had experienced any life events prior to the onset of illness. Map Math 2016.

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