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The UW Virtual Campus Tour

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Kitchener-Waterloo Map Simplified

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The secondary site, Wednesday night is: St Annes, Kitchener, Kitchener

Map Kitchener for V alue in Health, For anyone considering a research project involving assessment of children, this paper is a must, whether you are assessing QoL or some other construct. Matza and colleagues clearly describe issues regarding the timing, content and scoring of QoL measures in children and debate the issues of proxy measurement and response bias. They also provide a useful table of selected child QoL measures. Type in QUALITY OF LIFE’ into Google and you will get thousands of hits, some from health-professional pages, some from academia, and others will be papers from economists, policy-makers and even governmental bodies. It is clear to see that QoL is a term being used in many domains outside psychology! Visit the website at Map Kitchener 2016.

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